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Borough Office 610-863-4119
Manager 610-863-1822
Police 610-759-8517
Sewer 610-863-5422
Street 610-863-9605
Park 610-863-9249
Animal 484-894-3401
Zoning & Code 610-863-1821
Tax Collector 610-863-9487

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Welcome to the Borough of Pen Argyl. Pen Argyl Municipal Building is located at 11 N. Robinson Avenue, Pen Argyl, PA 18072 Pen Argyl, a town of 3600 residents, is located in Northampton County, PA, and is near Routes 33 and 80 at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain and the Appalachian Trail. Our community began in 1853 when Joseph Kellow discovered slate. Pen Argyl received its name from a Welsh word meaning "head" and from the Anglo-Saxon word "argylite" meaning slate rock. With the influx of quarrymen from Cornwall, England, the town began to grow and was incorporated in 1882 and became part of the area known as the Slate Belt. Currently there is still one slate quarry that is still in operation. The quarrymen and their families brought with them the baking of "pasties", a beef meat pie, which was the popular food to take to work in the quarries. Pasties can still be bought today at Mr. Pasties located in Pen Argyl. Today Pen Argyl is known for its historic Dentzel carousel which is housed at Weona Park. This carousel was purchased in 1923 and is one of the few remaining Dentzel carousels that has stationary wooden animals. The carousel is open for rides during the summer park season.

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  • Boards and Commission Vacancies
    Pen Argyl Borough presently has vacancies on the following Boards and Commission. If you are interested please submit a letter of intent to the Borough Manager by February 21, 2020. You must be a resident of the Borough and up to date with any monies owed to the Borough. Planning Commission- One (1) Vacancy • The Planning Commission consists of five regular members all of whom are residents of the Borough. Members are appointed to serve four (4) year terms. It meets as needed. • The Commission is tasked with developing plans and implementation policies that provide the foundation for the community to manage changes caused by a variety of internal and external forces including community growth or decline, and changes in demographics, economies, technology, natural resources, the environment, housing, transportation, etc. Zoning Hearing Board –One (1) Vacancy • The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body, consisting of five regular members all of whom are residents of the Borough. Members are appointed by Council to serve five (5) year terms. It meets as needed. • The Board hears and decides appeals where it is alleged that the Zoning Office has erred in applying or interpreting regulations; Hears and makes decisions on special exceptions; authorizes variances from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance, as permitted by the Municipalities Planning Code. Pen Argyl Athletic & Park Association- Two (2) Vacancies • The “Park Board” meets on the 2nd Tuesday of month at the Weona Park Community Center at 7:00 P.M. One (1) vacancy is for a resident of the community, the other is a youth representative of the community who is at least in the 11th grade but no more than 12th grade. • The Board makes recommendations regarding the maintenance of and operation of the facilities located at Weona Park. Disruptive Conduct Appeals Board- Vacancies are: Alternate Owner, Tenant, Alternate Tenant, Member of recognized community group Delegate and Alternate. This Board presides over any person aggrieved by any decision of a police officer or Building Official in regard to a disruptive conduct report or the revocation of a residential rental registration or residential rental license based upon the issuance of disruptive conduct reports. It meets as needed. • The Disruptive Conduct Board of Appeals shall be a body of five members consisting of a Council person who shall serve as Chairperson, the Chief of Police or his/her designee; an owner, operator, responsible agent or manager of a residential rental unit(s) in the Borough of Pen Argyl; an occupant of a residential rental unit residing in the Borough of Pen Argyl; and a member of a community group recognized by the Borough Council of the Borough of Pen Argyl. Civil Service Commission- Three (3) Vacancies • The Commission has the power to prescribe, amend, and enforce rules and regulations governing police appointments and promotions. In addition, the Commissioners hold appeal hearings on disciplinary actions, when appropriate. • This Commission is presently dormant and does not have these powers as the Borough went to a Regional Police Force. However it is the opinion of the Solicitor that we continue its membership.

    Pen Argyl Borough Revitlization Survey
    Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey at this link: Help shape the future!

    WEONA 100- Weona Park Centinnial Celebration
    They Are HERE!! The Centennial Committee is excited to announce that our 2020 Calendars are now available! They are $15/each, and are available by contacting Walt Cole (610-863-6472), Jamie Severson (610-762-8053), or Roberta Cowley (484-695-2994 or through FB). Shipping is available at an additional charge. We will also have a table at the YMCA on October 14 & 15, from 8am-10am and 6pm-8pm.

    Community Alerts
    Community ALERTS SIGN UP TO RECEIVE COMMUNITY ALERTS!!! Residents of Plainfield Township, Wind Gap Borough and Pen Argyl Borough can now receive important, official information directly from the Slate Belt Regional Police Department through Nixle. Messages will be delivered by email, SMS text message, and over the web. Register now and learn more at