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Borough Office 610-863-4119
Manager 610-863-1822
Police 610-759-8517
Sewer 610-863-5422
Street 610-863-9605
Park 610-863-9249
Animal 484-894-3401
Zoning & Code 610-863-1821
Tax Collector 610-863-9487

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Welcome to the Borough of Pen Argyl. Pen Argyl Municipal Building is located at 11 N. Robinson Avenue, Pen Argyl, PA 18072 Pen Argyl, a town of 3600 residents, is located in Northampton County, PA, and is near Routes 33 and 80 at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain and the Appalachian Trail. Our community began in 1853 when Joseph Kellow discovered slate. Pen Argyl received its name from a Welsh word meaning "head" and from the Anglo-Saxon word "argylite" meaning slate rock. With the influx of quarrymen from Cornwall, England, the town began to grow and was incorporated in 1882 and became part of the area known as the Slate Belt. Currently there is still one slate quarry that is still in operation. The quarrymen and their families brought with them the baking of "pasties", a beef meat pie, which was the popular food to take to work in the quarries. Pasties can still be bought today at Mr. Pasties located in Pen Argyl. Today Pen Argyl is known for its historic Dentzel carousel which is housed at Weona Park. This carousel was purchased in 1923 and is one of the few remaining Dentzel carousels that has stationary wooden animals. The carousel is open for rides during the summer park season.

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  • Calendar Notice

    All meetings at Borough Hall unless otherwise noted. To obtain further information, please use the contact form above.

  • Tuesday 20th of April at 7:00 PM

    Disruptive Conduct Appeal Hearing

    Weona Park Community Center, 25 S. Main Street, Pen Argyl, PA

  • Tuesday 27th of April at 7:00 PM

    Borough Council Workshop

    If you would like to get the link to the meeting, please call the Borough Office to get the link sent to you.

  • Tuesday 4th of May at 7:00 PM

    Borough Council Meeting

    Council will be meeting by ZOOM   Please contact Borough office at 610-863-1822 for  more information.

Special Notices


    These Special Notices are non regularly scheduled events. Weather conditions and other seasonal notices will be fond here.

  • Green Knight Economic Development Corp Scholarship Information
    The Green Knight Economic Development Corp (GKEDC) has awarded approximately $200,000 in scholarships to over 50 high school seniors who live in the Pen Argyl School District and who will be continuing his/her education in a college program. GKEDC accepts scholarship applications annually from approximately April 1 through May 8th. Scholarship Information 1. The scholarships will be awarded to individuals who reflect the ideals of community service and environmental stewardship, and who are seeking a higher education to further advance these ideals into their professional careers. 2. Any graduating high school senior who lives in the Pen Argyl School District and who will be continuing his/her education in a college program is eligible to receive this award. 3. This scholarship will be in the amount of $4000, to be distributed in four segments over the course of a four-year college program. • The first segment of $1000 will be rewarded upon receipt of a certificate of admission or a letter of acceptance received by GKEDC by June 1. • The remaining yearly distributions of $1000 are dependent on the student taking at least 24 credits per year and successfully maintaining, at a minimum, a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Grades received during the freshman, sophomore, and junior years must be submitted to GKEDC as proof each June before the next segment of the award will be given. • Students attending a two-year college and continuing on to obtain their bachelor's degree will qualify for the entire scholarship. • Monies not rewarded due to ineligibility will remain the property of GKEDC. If a recipient leaves the institution and there are scholarship funds remaining, the institution shall return the balance of the GKEDC Scholarship Award. 4. Parents are urged to encourage their children to apply for the scholarship. 5. The recipients will be announced at their high school’s Awards Banquet or equivalent. 6. Scholarships can be used for tuition, books, laboratory fees, and other academic costs; additionally, the scholarship may be used for room and board when the student is housed under the control of the institution. 7. Scholarship checks will be sent directly to the Financial Aid Offices of the institutions involved at the end of the third week of August. 8. If a scholarship winner must delay their education for any reason, the recipient must contact the GKEDC in writing as soon as possible. The scholarship will be held up to two years from the date of high school graduation. After that time, the GKEDC will have the discretion to continue holding or to withdraw the scholarship award as they see fit. Scholarship applications will be accepted from April 1 through May 8, 2020. Download a form at

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