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Borough Office 610-863-4119
Manager 610-863-1822
Police 610-759-8517
Sewer 610-863-5422
Street 610-863-9605
Park 610-863-9249
Animal 484-894-3401
Zoning & Code 610-863-1821
Tax Collector 610-863-9487

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Pen Argyl Borough Newsletter | Archive

March - 2018 - Newsletter


MARCH 2018


Residents are reminded that it is illegal to shovel or blow snow into the street.  Also, residents are asked to shovel snow or ice away from any fire hydrant.  Sidewalks should be cleared of snow and /or ice within 24 hours of the snow or ice ceasing to fall.



·         Approved Drillmaster, LLC proposal to install conduit for streetlights on Birch and Walnut Avenues not to exceed $14, 000.00.

·         Adopted Resolution 2018-02 to apply for the DCNR’s pool feasibility study.

·         Adopted Resolution 2018-03 for the Regional Intelligence & Investigative Center request to Northampton County for $500,000.00 annually.

·         Agreed to send letter of support for Slate Belt Regional Police Department grant application for automatic license plate readers.

·         Adopted Resolution 2018-04 in support of Sunshine Week.

·         Approved Wastewater Treatment Plant’s request to utilize co star vendor WK Merriman for magnesium hydroxide purchases.

·         Accepted with regret the resignation of First Ward Councilman Brian Gold Sr.

·         Authorized Borough Manager to advertise for First Ward Council vacancy.



            In the past month, the PWD did maintenance on equipment, Borough property and streets.

·         Repaired golf course fence.

·         Repaired Carousel sprinkler room heater.

·         Maintained & repaired trucks and spreaders for winter storms.

·         Litter patrol.

·         Maintenance and cleaning of Community Center.

·         Pot hole patching.

·         Plowing, salting & shoveling 2/02, 02/04, 02/05, 02/07, and 02/17.

·         Reported streetlight outages, repaired outages and various street signs.

·         Meter checks.

·         Pothole patching.

·         Continued to work on B Street issues.



In the past month, the Zoning/Code Office completed 2 re-sale property inspections, 1 commercial inspection, 12 rental property inspections, issued 2 building permits and processed 368 rental registrations.  Please note rental registration invoices went out in January 2018 and are were due by end of February. If you did not register your rental you will be cited and fined.  The Zoning Officer can be reached at 610-863-1821 or at  



             In February the Regional Police responded to 406 calls for service, 134 in the Borough of Pen Argyl.   Contact information for the SBRPD is:  911 (Emergency), 610-759-8517 (Non-Emergency) and 610-759-8523 (Fax). 



            In February the Lookout Fire Company responded to 16 calls.  They spent 387 hours on calls and logged an additional 237 hours on drills.  Lookout Fire Company has a website: .  


            Monthly, weekly and quarterly sampling was done, all are in compliance. Equipment, plant and pumping station maintenance was completed. Pumping Stations, EQ pumps cleaned and repaired.  Answered and marked 24 PA One Calls. Assisted with potential employee interviews.



            Michael T. Zavacky, the office is located at 501 George Street, phone number 610-863-9487.  2018 office hours will be Thursdays and Fridays, 1 P.M. – 5 P.M. and Saturdays 9 A.M.-Noon through May 31st, after that by appointment only.   Any person with disabilities, please call ahead for special arrangements.



             If you are moving into, within or out of the Borough it is essential for you to come to the Borough Office and obtain a moving permit. The cost for the permit is $1.  This includes any individual moving in with a roommate or with a family member.  This permit is necessary for school enrollment and per capita taxes.  Upon obtaining a permit you will receive a welcome packet with important Borough information.  If you are moving out of the Borough, you must obtain a moving permit or you will continue to be billed for the per capita tax.



            It is the responsibility for all landlords to get property inspected prior to a new tenant can move into the property and to update the tenant registration form.  If you are in arrears with any Borough fees you will not get a CO to occupy the building. 


            Borough Newsletter- The Borough Newsletter is published each month following the Borough Council Meeting. It can be found on our website at and you can receive the newsletter online by going to our website and requesting it. While on the web site make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!!!!!

Garbage/Recycling – Recycling will be on March 16th & 30th and  April  13th & 27th Garbage/recycling containers are to be placed on the resident’s property at the curb line and are not to be placed before 2 P.M. on the day before pickup.

Park hours – All sections of the park are now closed at dusk.

Curfew – Minors are reminded that Pen Argyl has a curfew.  Minors under the age of 18 are not to be on any public street, alley, and sidewalk or at Weona Park between the hours of 11 P.M. and 6 A.M.

Dog LicensesResidents are reminded to renew their dog licenses.  ANNUAL LICENSES ARE VALID FROM JANUARY 1 - DECEMBER 31.  State Law requires all dogs over 3 months of age to be licensed, owners of unlicensed dogs are subject to fines up to $300.00.Licenses are valid for the county in which the owner resides. For additional dog license information, please contact the County Revenue Office at
610-829-6186, option 6.  Or to apply online go to:

Blue Mountain Community Library- OPAC is here!! There are informational sheets also available at the front desk. Luncheon with author Kate Brandes! 4/26 at nearby Grace United Methodist Church in Pen Argyl. Spring silent auction beginning 4/2.  Book Club - 3/20 The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown; 4/17 The Promise of Pierson Orchard by Kate Brandes. Book group meetings begin at 6:30 PM.  The public is invited to the next board meeting, scheduled for 3/21 at 6:30 P.M.



CALENDAR (All meeting are at Borough Hall unless noted.)

Tues., Mar 20th – Park Board Meeting, Community Center, 7 P.M.

Tues., Mar 27th – Borough Council Workshop, 7 P.M.

Mon., Apr 2nd – Sewer Committee, 4:30 P.M.

Mon., Apr 2nd – Municipal Authority Meeting, 5 P.M. (if needed)

Tues., Apr 3rd – Borough Council Meeting, 7 P.M.