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Pen Argyl Borough Newsletter | Archive

February - 2023 - Newsletter






·       Accepted with regret the resignation of Jeffrey Fox from the Planning Commission.

·       Deemed the revised Huratiak Homes, LLC Sewage Facilities Planning Module as “Complete” and endorsed the “Completed Checklist” for PADEP.

·       Approved the public advertisement of the above proposed project for 30-days in accordance with the public notification requirements of the PADEP.

·       Approved a special meeting on Monday, March 13, 2023 after the 30-day open comment period for the project located at 410 S. Main Street,  has been completed. 

·       Certified the 2022 Delinquent Real Estate Taxes to be sent to the County for collections.

·       Approved the 2022 Delinquent Per Capita taxes to be sent to Berkheimer for collections.

·       Approved the exoneration list of the 2022 Per Capita Taxes.

·       Adopted Resolution 2023-01 implementing Act 57 of 2022.

·       Approved the purchase of 20 Holiday Snowflakes for telephone poles. 

·       Approved the purchase of new blinds for the Borough Hall.

·       Agreed to have a Vendor Market on S. Robinson Avenue on April 15, 2023.

·       Community Wide Free Yard Sale Dates 6/9-6/11/2023 & 9/15-9/17/2023.

·       Approved Resolution 2023-02 fixing fees for application and permits for on lot septic systems.

·       Approved Resolution 2023-03 appointing BIA as special project engineer.



·       Approved omission of wooded areas of trees greater than eight (8) inches caliper from the plan set as recommended by Planning Commission.

·       Approved the tree modification as requested by Huratiak Homes, LLC.

·       Approved Resolution 2023-04 granting conditional preliminary/final land development approval of Huratiak Homes, LLC development, located at 410 S. Main Street



            During the month of January, the Public Works Department performed scheduled maintenance tasks and completed all requested tasks.   



Contact information for the SBRPD is: 911 (Emergency), 610-759-8517 (Non-Emergency) and

610-759-8523 (Fax). In November officers responded to 353 calls for service, with 117 in Pen Argyl.



            Monthly, weekly and quarterly sampling was done, all comply.  Equipment, plant and pumping station maintenance was completed.  Answered and marked 12 PA One Calls.  Hot water heater replaced.



            In January the Lookout Fire Company responded to 5 calls.  They spent 258 hours on drills and 185 hours on calls.  The Borough thanks our dedicated volunteers.  Lookout Fire Company has a website: .   Follow their face book page for fundraiser events



Please note rental registration invoices are due . If you do not register your rental you will be cited and fined. If you have any outstanding bills to the Borough your rental license may be revoked.

In January the following permits were issued:  1 building, 1 mechanical, 3 electrical, 3 plumbing & 2 zoning.  Also completed:  4 residential rental, 4 re-sale property inspections, and processed 47 rental registrations. Landlords are reminded to contact the Zoning Officer to register rental properties and to schedule inspection of rental properties to comply with the Licensing of Rental Properties Ordinance. Violators can be fined.  The Zoning Officer can be reached at 610-863-1821 or at  



            Borough Newsletter- The Borough Newsletter is published each month following the Borough Council Meeting.  It can be found at the Borough Hall or on our website at .   You can receive the newsletter by email by contacting: and requesting it.  You will need to provide your name, address and email contact.  You can also find us on Facebook.






Garbage/Recycling –Garbage collection is every Friday.  Recycling will be on 2/24, as well as 3/10 & 3/24. Garbage/recycling containers are to be placed on the resident’s property at the curb line and are not to be placed before 2 P.M. on the day before pickup.

The Book: A History of Pen Argyl in Pictures, 1982-2022 - is available at Threadstone Trading Co., 207 S. Robinson Ave; Prints Galore, 409 E. Main St. or by contacting Walt Cole at 610-863-6472.  The cost is $25 with 100% of sales benefiting Weona Park Pool Pals.

Weona Park Pool Pals - will be holding a fundraising event 3/7/23 at Scorecard Sports Bar and Grill 130 N. Broadway, Wind Gap.  A portion of the evening's proceeds will go towards construction of a new pool at the park.

Blue Mountain Community Library- The next board meeting will be 2/21 at 6:30 pm. Weis receipts from Bangor, Brodheadsville, Mt. Pocono, Marshalls Creek, Stroudsburg, and Tannersville are accepted by library. In return Weis Markets awards the library with a 1% monetary donation of total submitted receipts. Book Group meets at 6:30 P.M on 2/14- The Tobacco Wives, Adele Myers; and Mad Honey, Jodi Picoult will resume in the spring. Visit their web site   



Tues., Feb. 28th  – Borough Council Workshop, 7 P.M., Borough Hall

Mon. Mar. 6th – Municipal Authority, 5 P.M, Borough Hall

Tues., Mar. 7th  – Borough Council Meeting, 7 P.M., Borough Hall

Weds., Mar. 8th  – Park Board Meeting, 7 P.M., Borough Hall

Mon., March 13th – Special Council Meeting, 7 P.M., Lookout Fire Hall