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Borough Office 610-863-4119
Manager 610-863-1822
Police 610-759-8517
Sewer 610-863-5422
Street 610-863-9605
Park 610-863-9249
Animal 484-894-3401
Zoning & Code 610-863-1821
Tax Collector 610-863-9487

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Pen Argyl Borough Newsletter | Archive

February - 2021 - Newsletter








            During the month of January, the Public Works Department performed scheduled maintenance tasks and completed all requested tasks.   



Please note rental registration invoices went out in January. If you do not register your rental you will be cited and fined. If you have any outstanding bills to the Borough your rental license may be revoked. In January the following permits were issued:  2 electrical.  Also completed; 8 re-sale property inspections and processed 71 rental registrations. Landlords are reminded to contact the Zoning Officer to schedule inspection of rental properties to comply with the Licensing of Rental Properties Ordinance. Violators can be fined.  The Zoning Officer can be reached at 610-863-1821 or at  



            The Borough thanks our dedicated volunteers.  Lookout Fire Company’s website: .  



            Monthly, weekly, and quarterly sampling was done, all comply.  Monitoring reports and lab results are compiled and submitted as required.  Equipment, plant, and pumping station maintenance was completed.  Answered and marked 8 PA One Calls.  Screenings and grit dumpsters emptied.  Scheduled maintenance completed on digester blower #3.  Backflow preventers annual re-certification completed. West End pumping station pump #1 seal failure removed and taken for repair.  EQ tanks cleaned.



            Real Estate and Per Capita payments will no longer be received in person at 501 George Street,

Pen Argyl, PA, please utilize black drop off box located at same location. If receipts are needed, please have both parts of bill enclosed in the drop off box. You can also mail your payments to: Pen Argyl Tax Collector, 501 George Street, Pen Argyl, PA 18072. Please call 610-863-9487 if you have any questions. 



            The Borough of Pen Argyl requires building permits to construct or alter a structure, construct an addition to an existing structure (this includes decks), demolish or move a structure and install or alter any equipment which is regulated by the building code (i.e.: heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical service).  Ordinary repairs do not require a permit (new gutters, painting, replacement of windows if not altering original opening.) Ordinary repairs DO NOT INCLUDE: cutting away of any walls, removal, replacement, re-enforcement of any structural beam or loadbearing support, the removal or change of required means of egress, addition to, alteration of or replacement or relocation of any water supply, sewer, drainage, gas, waste, vent or similar piping, electrical wiring and mechanical equipment. The permit process is designed to ensure that the erection, repair, removal, demolition, or change of occupancy of a building be accomplished in compliance with the building code.



            Borough Newsletter- The Borough Newsletter is published each month following the Borough Council Meeting.  It can be found on our website at .   You can receive the newsletter by email by contacting: and requesting it.  You will need to provide your name, address, and email contact.  You can also find us on Facebook.




Garbage/Recycling –Garbage collection is every Friday.  Recycling will be on February 12th & 26th, as well as March 12th and 26th Garbage/recycling containers are to be placed on the resident’s property at the curb line and are not to be placed before 2 P.M. on the day before pickup.

Snow removal – Residents are reminded that they are not to shovel or blow snow into the street.  Also, residents are asked to shovel snow away from any fire hydrant.

Dog LicensesResidents are reminded to renew their dog licenses. Licenses can be purchased at or by contacting Northampton County at 610-829-6186, option 6.

Blue Mountain Community Library- “100th Anniversary History of Weona Park”.   Local historian Walter Cole has generously donated a copy of his book for the adult reference section. Book Group will resume in the spring.  Virtual preschool storytime and craft, posted on library Facebook page, call for your craft packet! (610) 863-3029



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, and until further notice, all Borough meetings will be held via video and audio advanced communication using the ZOOM internet application technology and telephone option and will not be held in-person. The Zoom meeting link and password or call-in information for the meetings can be obtained by emailing the Borough Manager at no later than 4:00 P.M. on a day of a meeting. 


Tues., Feb. 9th – Park Board Meeting, 7 P.M.  CANCELLED

Thurs., Feb. 18th – Planning Commission, 7 P.M.

Thurs., Feb. 25th – Borough Council Workshop, 7 P.M.

Mon., Mar. 1st Sewer Committee, 4:30 P.M. (if needed)

Mon., Mar. 1st – Municipal Authority, 5 P.M (if needed)

Tues., Mar. 2nd – Borough Council Meeting, 7 P.M.