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Pen Argyl Borough Monthly Minutes | Archive

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 - Council Meeting Minutes

       Pen Argyl Borough Council held their July Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 5,

2016 at 7:00 P. M. in the Fire Hall.


Pledge of Allegiance:


            Council President Michael Nasatka opened the Council Meeting with the Pledge of



Roll Call:


            The following Council Members were present and responded to roll call.  Michael Nasatka, Angelo Uliana, Joseph LeDonne, Charles Kandl Jr., Roberta Cowley, Dean Minnich and Robert O'Donnell.  Councilman Jan Surotchak was absent. 


            Also present were Mayor Mikal Sabatine, Solicitor Peter Layman, Borough Manager Robin Zmoda and Borough Secretary Dolores Savitz.




            Joe Budis, Penn Morris Corporation, asked Council if anyone had any comments pertaining to the termination of his park pavilion contract.  Budis claimed that he has the job 80% completed and $35,000 in materials have been ordered.


            Council President Nasatka stated that Council had no comments due to possibility of litigation.


            Karen Frey, 912 E. Plainfield Avenue, recommended to consolidate all Borough wards to vote at one location and suggested the Park Community Center.  Frey stated that she had discussed the idea with the County and they said it could be done.  The County would only have to pay for one (1) polling location instead of the three (3) different places.  There would also be more ample parking for voting and be more handicap accessible.


            According to the County, Frey has to acquire signatures from 10% of the registered voters in each ward and submit the petitions to County by September 1st.  


            Frey asked for Council's blessing.  Council requested that when she gets the required signed petitions she should bring them back to Council for their review and consideration.


Public Works Report:


            All Council Members were given a copy of Public Works June report.  Public Works Director Steven Bender was present.


            Bender stated that PennDot will not furnish the design for the storm drainage on Route 512 near The Slate Pub.  The Borough will also have to pay for the necessary materials consisting of 160' pipe and two (2) basins plus stone.  PennDot will email Borough Manager Zmoda concerning the project.


Zoning Permit:


            All Council Members were given a copy of Zoning/Codes Office's June report.


Police Report:


            Copies of the Minutes for the Slate Belt Regional Police Commission (SBRPC) meeting

of June 7th and the May incident report were given to all Council Members. 


            Council President stated at tonight's SBRPC meeting former Pen Argyl Borough Police Chief David Strawn was promoted to Sergeant and they also hired another new police officer.  The swearing in for Strawn will be held on July 23rd. 


Fire Chief's Report:


            No one was present from the fire company.




            Councilman Angelo Uliana made a motion to approve the Minutes for Special Council Meeting of June 28, 2016, seconded by Councilman Charles Kandl Jr.  Unanimous vote by roll call. 


            Copies of minutes for the Park Board Meetings of April 19th and May 17th were given to Council. 




            The Lehigh Valley Transportation Study (LVTS) will be the body responsible for preparing the Lehigh Valley Draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  LVTS will hold public meetings to consider the TIP on Tuesday, July 12th at 12:00: P.M. at PennDot District 5 Office and at 6:00 P.M. at the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Office.


            Action Alert from Cohen Law Group - A wireless contractor named Mobilitie has launched a full scale advance on Pennsylvania municipalities in an attempt to construct mini-cell towers, also known as distributed antenna systems (DAS), in the public rights-of-way.  Mobilite has been contacted by Sprint on a national level to fill large scale capacity gaps in Sprint's wireless network. If Sprint customers are not continuously connected to an LTE or 4G network, there is a strong chance that your municipality will be the next target on Mobilitie's DAS hit list.


            Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) is calling for nominations for the 2016 Lehigh Valley Awards.  The LVPC's 2016 Lehigh Valley Award Ceremony will be held on October 4th.


            An email was received from the COG that as of June 15th Sue Henn has been hired an animal control officer to deal with stray dogs. 


Mayor's Report:


            Mayor Mikal Sabatine reported that Summer Sounds are going very well.  The Blue Mountain Community Library is running the pie stand.


Planning Commission:


            The Borough Planning Commission will be holding a meeting this month pertaining to a PA Water Company subdivision.


Solicitor's Report:


            Borough Solicitor Layman stated that Bob Cox, Barry Isett & Associates, has reviewed the project requirement for the YMCA and visited the site on June 27th and recommended the removal of the requirement to have any Maintenance Security for the project as those improvements that were secured appear to be in acceptable condition, including buffer plants.

Borough Solicitor Layman also recommended the security reduction.  Councilman Dean Minnich made a motion to accept recommendations to remove the requirement of the Maintenance Security for the YMCA, seconded by Councilman Joseph LeDonne.  Unanimous vote by roll call. 


Sanitation, Solid Waste & Recycling:


            All Council Members were given a copy of the Wastewater Treatment Plant June Report.


            On June 28th bids were received for Reed Bed Sludge Project for Reed Beds #7 and #8.  Two (2) bids were received:  Amerigreen, Inc. bid the amount of $76,384.00 and Utility Services Groups, Inc. bid the amount of $76,862.00.  RETTEW recommended to award the bid to Amerigreen, Inc.  Councilman Dean Minnich made a motion to award the contract to Amerigreen, Inc. for the bid amount of $76,384.00 contingent upon Borough Solicitor Layman's review, seconded by Councilman Joseph LeDonne.  Unanimous by roll call vote.


            A joint Special Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 26th with the Municipal Authority for the purpose of Refinancing the Sewer Revenue Bonds, Series of 2012 and 2013.


Finance, Tax Exoneration & Insurance:


            All Council Members were given a copy of the Treasury Report as prepared and submitted by Borough Manager/Treasurer Zmoda.  Councilwoman Roberta Cowley made a motion to accept the Treasury Report as prepared, seconded by Councilman Dean Minnich.  Unanimous vote by roll call. 


Property & Utilities:

            Borough Manager Zmoda reported that the problem with the bees on the light pole

 at Borough Hall have been sprayed by Ehrlich.


Community Outreach:

            Information on the Neighborhood Partnership Program 101 administered by the PA Department of Community and Economic Development was given to all Council Members. 


            The Borough has been listed on the Scenic, Wild Delaware River Map Guide.  A link can be down loaded to the Map Guide. The information was given to all Council Members.


Borough Manager's Report:

            Borough Manager Zmoda gave Council information on the 2016 Uncommitted Funds Municipal Gaming Grant Criteria as submitted by Northampton County Gaming Revenue & Economic Redevelopment Authority.  Application process opens on June 15th and closes on August 5th. 


            Zmoda informed Council that she would be out of the office from July 20th thru July 22nd. 


Payment of Bills:        

            The following bills were presented for payment:  General Fund, $30,514.98; Sewer

Fund, $68,370.58; State Fund, $6,624.55; Garbage Fund, $100.00 and Reserve Fund, $46,486.69.  Councilman Dean Minnich made a motion to pay the bills as presented, seconded by Councilman Robert O'Donnell.  Unanimous by roll call vote.


Executive Session:

            Councilman Dean Minnich made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss real estate matters and personnel issues, seconded by Councilwoman Roberta Cowley.  Unanimous vote by roll call.  Council went into Executive Session at 7:49 P. M. and reconvened at 8:27 P. M. Special Note:  Borough Secretary Savitz left the meeting at 7:50 P. M. and the rest of the minutes were taken by Borough Manager Zmoda.



            Councilman Charles Kandl Jr. made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Joseph LeDonne.  Unanimous by voice vote.  Council adjourned at 8:31 P. M.


                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                    Dolores B. Savitz

                                                                                    Borough Secretary


Joint Special Meeting with Municipal Authority & Workshop - Tuesday, July 26th - 7:00 P. M.

                         Regular Council Meeting - Tuesday, August 2nd - 7:00 P. M.