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Pen Argyl Borough Monthly Minutes | Archive

Tuesday 7th of February 2023 - 2/7/2023 Council Meeting Agenda

Agenda - Pen Argyl Borough Council Meeting of Tuesday, February 7, 2023 - 7:00 P. M.


Pledge of Allegiance:


Roll Call:




            Blue Mountain Community Library


Public Works:

            Monthly report (F20).  Street Committee Meeting. Updated Playground Schedule (F3). Concession Stand Update. Livable Landscape Extension (F21).


Zoning Report:                                                                                                                                               Monthly Report (F22).  Property Maintenance Log (F23). Zoning Hearing 1/19/2023. Labor & Industry Audit.


Police Report:

            Agenda 01/19/2023 and Minutes 12/15/2022(F4).   Vehicle Sale.


Fire Chief’s Report:

            Monthly Report.  Sign.  Fire Truck.



             Council Meeting 1/3/2023 (F24).  Park Board 1/11/2023 Agenda and Minutes 11/9/2022 (F5).




 Mayor’s Report:

            PIP Program. Borough Projects.  Community Events/Awards & Certificates.  Employee Engagement.  Slate Belt Regional Police /Public Safety. 


Planning Commission:

            Plan Slate Belt 1/4/2023 Agenda and Minutes 12/7/2022 (F6). Jeffrey Fox resignation (F7). Plan Slate Belt 2/2/2023 Agenda and Minutes 1/4/2023 (F25).  LVPC review of Stormwater Ordinance (F26).


Solicitor’s Report:


Sanitation, Solid Waste & Recycling:                                                                                     

              Monthly Report (F27). Municipal Authority Meeting 1/9/2023 Agenda and

12/5/2022 Minutes (F8).  CRG Feasibility Review (F9). 


Finance, Tax Exoneration, Insurance & Personnel:

              Treasury Report (F28).  4th Quarter Budget Review (F10).  Certification of 2021 Delinquent

Real Estate Taxes (F11).  Delinquent Per Capita (F12).  Exoneration of Per Capita (F13). Exonerate

Borough Real Estate Taxes (F14).  Resolution 2023-01 Act 57 (F15). 


Property & Utilities:

              Holliday Lighting (F16).  Committee Meeting.  Blind Estimate (F29).


Community Outreach:

              Monthly Feral Cat report (F30).  Spring Vendor Market 4/15/2023.  Slate Belt Rising Committees (F31).  Community Wide Yard Sales: 6/9-6/11/2023 and 9/15-9/17/2023.


Borough Manager's Report:

              Monthly report (F32).  Resolution 2023-02 SEO (F17).  Resolution 2023-03 BIA (F18).  County Zoom Grant Workshop (F33).  GKEDC Grant Opportunity (F34).


Payment of Bills:                                                                                                                     

              Bill Summary (F35).   General Fund - $59,637.44; Sewer Fund - $355,394.43: State Fund –

$11,069.14; and Reserve Money Market Fund - $179,253.23.


Executive Session:




Special Meeting – February 14, 2023

Workshop - Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Council Meeting - Tuesday, March 7, 2023